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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

32th bel311 class. Konichiwa :D

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Today Miss ZUR a little bit late because she has something to do so, she have asked us to update and comment blog, does the online quizzes. After that, Miss Zu enters the lab. Today, Miss Zu wants to do a practice for speaking test. Uh-oh speaking test! Then, Miss Zu divides us into eight groups, which are consisting of four members. Miss Zu said she couldn’t let us choose our own member because in MUET TEST we know no one. Therefore, Miss Zu decides to do that way. My group would be Diba, Rozita and Syafiqah Azmi. For the starters, Miss Zu picks Group 1. When they are presenting we have to give them mark according to what Miss Zu teaches us just now. Group 1 are Asnawi, Faiz Othman, Bariah and Ana. The starting a little bit not good. Maybe because it suddenly happen. However, when it comes to Faiz Othman and Bariah they give many points. Miss Zu said one person should give at least five points. lol what did i gave?? if it can be given be 100 point i will gave 100 point to him :P that because he have a nice tone voice and i like the way he presenting the points.

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