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Monday, February 4, 2013

22th class bel 311. outline 0.1

Monday, 4/2/2013..

Bring the laptop and do our outline. Miss Zur check all our outline if there a mistakes she will ask us to correct it.

this was the outline before corrected. :D


The Malaysian Outcome Based Education and School Based Assesment are different in terms of outcome, learning process and the learning context but are similar in terms of learning goal
1.    One of the differences between Outcome Based Education and School Based Assesment are in terms of outcome.
1.    For Outcome Based Education, the outcome from it is what the student should be able to do at the end of the course
a.    require learning outcomes for advancement. Promotion to the next grade, a diploma , or other reward is granted upon achievement of the standards.(wikipedia)
b.    extra classes, repeating the year, or other consequences will they get upon those who do not meet the standards.
c.    focus their attention primarily on the products or result for the quality of all aspects of their works.
2.    However, for School Based Education is to emphasis on the educational proses and happy to accept whatever the result.
a.    It can allows the collection of a number of samples of student performance over a period of time.
b.    Assessment adapted and modified by the teacher to match the teaching and learning goals of the particular class and students being assessed
c.    allows the teacher to give immediate and constructive feedback to students.
d.    student performance is expected to show a wide range of abilities. The failure of some students is accepted as a natural and unavoidable circumstance. The highest-performing students are given the highest grades and test scores, and the lowest performing students are given low grades.

2.    Learning process is another difference between Outcome Based Education and School Based Assessment.
1.    Outcome Based Education is Self-directed learning, promotes a student centered approach to learning by themself.
a.   specify any outcome on skills and knowledge by students demonstrate that they have met standards, not just put in seat time to advance to the next level.
b.    measured outcomes rather than "inputs," such as how many hours students spend in class, or what textbooks are provided.
c.    outcomes are expected to be concretely measurable, A complete system of outcomes for a subject area normally includes everything from mere recitation of fact and the student will analyze the social context.
2.    In contrast, School Based Assessment is teacher involving the students in self-assessment both teacher and students reviewing and reflecting on assessment data.
a.    Students recognizing the next steps in their learning and how to take them.
b.    Input Based with education by field trips, arrangement of the school day, and teaching styles.
c.    used norm reference test such as inexpensive, multiple-choice computer-scored questions with single correct answers, to quickly rank students on ability
d.    For assessment students are required to partake in interactions with classmates on a particular aspect of the text they have read or viewed, leading up to making a more formal group interaction (HKEAA, 2008).

3.    For another difference between Outcome Based Education and School Based Assessment is in term of learning context.

1.    Outcome Based Education used Summative Assessment.
a.    This would be the "final" or "test"ing device or tool that you would   
use to assess what they have learned and how they put into practice also final exam.
b.    The Assignments given will have the detailed diagram to identify and explain, it could be their own project to show how the learning has been put into place
2.    School Based Assessment used Formative Assessment.
a.    This will show if the students are learning what the instructor   wanted them to learn. As they have time to practice and perfect the material.
b.    The instructor will be able to clear up problems, evaluate what needs to be re-taught or clarified, and to know if certain learning activities need to be modified during or before the next class session

4.    Despite having various kind differences, Outcome Based Education and School Based Assessment similar in term of learning for the same goal
1.    Both of Outcomes Based Assessment and School Based Assessment students have to know and recognize the standards they are aiming for.
a.    All students, including those who live in poverty, will meet district, state, and national standards.
b.    The commitment from all students of all groups will ultimately reach the same minimum standards. The unsuccessful students will not be “give up” on and left behind.
c.    maintain high expectations and standards, believing all students will succeed if kept to high expectations.

               III.        CONCLUSION.

Hence,it is up to us the Malaysian citizen to consider the differences and similarities between Outcome Based Education and School Based Assessment before determining which is the most suitable education in Malaysia.

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