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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

28th bel 311 class.

27 Feb 2013..

 The first group is Izany and I think their group is not bad. We enjoy laughing today. Haha this is because we can see our friends talk infront of people.   Eika’s group “Eika talk show”. This group is having interesting inputs for their topic. NICE JOB GUYS!  Third group would be Fikri’s group. You guys wanna know what? As a host, he is the funnier host. Hahahha. He makes everyone laugh for his face. Fourth group is Athira’s group. This group talks about teenage eating disorders. This topic was one of my favorite topics for today forum. Hheheheheh… Athira’s group was the last group doing the forum for today although we still have one more group but the time are being jealous towards us. What should I say then?. Best host is Fikri, best panel is Faiz adha and best group is group of Faezzz! :D chachacha.

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