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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

24 bel 311 class. outline 3.0

Wednesday, 6 Feb 2013...

The last class before chinese new year break. This class is the last edit of our outline. Outline still need to be remodel and fix before submit it to the lecturer ( Miss Zuraida). Izzat help me in some editting and some paraphase. Thanks to him it finish but still need editting by me because we need  a perfect outline before submitting.

We always make mistakes even when we did'nt realise it, it happen. therefore before anything i should let someone else judge me and take a look if i have any mistakes. All of the mistakes we done will become our regret now and future. so lets keep in mind that the mistakes must be corrected before we regret it. Something happen now may seen as nothing could have happen and effect the future but it always affect our future. A little mistakes somehow can kill a person :(

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