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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2nd class of bel311 pair intro 2

Today Bel 311 class was held at Block u 214 on tuesday 4/12/2012. When i'm arrive there, Miss Zur was already in the class. I was late and entered awkwardly lol XD. Miss Zur recognize me and say my name wasim are you in the wrong class? I replying nope this was the right class and I'm just came in today. She put her angry face on and ask me why are you in this class and yesterday you did'nt came..? and i say to her: I'm just registered this class yesterday night and that why i don't came to the class yesterday as i don't know the schedule of the class and where it was held yesterday. She ask me to not be so rude for not entering the class properly and not ask her the permission for entering the class. :D The thing is Miss Zur know my name and she remember my face because i'm her ex student from previous 1 and half years ago back when i'm in part 1. I got the same class with her again this sem lucky me. haha then, the class continued with the introduction that i was missed yesterday :P the pair go to front and introducing 4 facts about their pair to the class and we all have to guess one facts that was wrong. Its actually the same pair introduction that i done from the last class from part 1. We do it again but on a different class and now im in part 3 class. The class was ended on 6pm  and we all can go out.

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