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Monday, December 3, 2012

The 1st Class of Bel311 First impression

My first Bel311 class was on monday,12/3/2012 and held at Dewan Sri Peria . My first imression of the class is sleepy face lol. That because the class was on rainy days. My lecturer name is Miss Zuraida Bt Sumeri. We call her Miss Zur =). Miss Zur is an attractive and active person. She speaks english frequently and have a good humors. She,s funny and awesome at the same time XD. Miss Zur ask us to create a blog and write about the class on the blog. we were given a task to make a circle of network. the circle of network was very fun thing to do and a fastest way to know a person. eventhought the circle of newtwork is the fastest way to make us know a person but it was not a great way to know better about a person. We were given a new task to make a pair and know each other and make 4 facts about that pair. one of the facts must be the wrong one.

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