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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 4th class of bel 311. making Its shocking facts plane =)

4/11/12 the class was held at u214. Miss Zur was already inside of the class and instruct the introducion of the pair. at early of our class, we have introduction of pair. we were given a task to make a pair and know each other. the pair must introduce each other to the class and explain 4 facts about their pairs. One of the facts about their pair is wrong. The class have to guess which one of the facts is wrong one. After all the pair finish up their introduction. Miss Zur ask us to write a facts about us that shocking on a piece of paper. The title given is "Its Shocking" on the piece of paper. We all write about 4 facts about ourself then when we all finish writing about that shocking, Miss Zur ask to fold the paper and make a plane out of that paper. We were ask not to write down our name on that paper and then we throw all the plane to each other. the plane were scramble and each of us take one plane that was'nt ours. Each one of us have to read the piece of paper that we pickup out loud on the front and guess who's paper have they pick up.

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