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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5th clas of bel311 The Making of blogger

The Fifth Class of bel311 was held on cll2 at block SL. i forgot where the cll2 were and i got it wrong i thought it was at Block I. huhu, it was far from the class then suddenly I realize it was on SL. i took a U turn and walk fast to the SL Block. lol. After im arrived, the class already started and Miss Zur already in the class. Miss Zur give instruction to us to make a blog and must put 7 things in the blog. 7 things that i should put in the blog is. No1 view opinion about writing. No2 view of blogging. No3 1st entry , no4 2nd entry and no3,4 n 5 entry 3rd, 4th, 5th. confusing is'nt it XD. I think we have to make only the opinion and view of the blog entry. The others entry is the class that we attend :D. I make my bel311 blog and write down all about the class that i attend to.

Eventhought it was hard at first, after many attempt to try and failed, at last we all grab how to make The blogger. We have to change our view about blogging from bad to great, from hard to easy then we can make them as what we thought first was hard can be very-very easy as simple as abc. we have to move our way through hard time after that
we will archieve what we want and satisfaction. Like this dragonfly flying though the rain with only his small wing and its high hope to fly higher in its mind.

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