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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7th class of bel311 :D term paper topic 1

Today date 18/12/2012 tuesday. class was held at block u214. im a bit late to the class because Miss Zur already inside the class as im arrived. I was late because the class before is Macroeconomic class and i have to attend that class till it over first before i can leave to go bel311 class. Okay, now about today bel311 class we discuss about term paper’s topic. Miss Zur shows us her last semester students term paper topic. The topic itself contain what type of essay they will write. Miss show us her ex class topic as an example to us of what our term paper topic that we should pick and it must contain the type of what we want to write. For example for the type of essay is problem and solution type or compare and contrast essay and others. Before we confirm our topic that we pick, Miss already told us yesterday to find our own topic and today we must show it to her to get her confirmation. After that, First pair shows their topic, The first pair is Sarra and Syafiqah and they topic was not good enough for miss approval. Miss asked them to find another topic. After a several pair show their topic miss get up and told us that our topic is too common and many students have done it before and we all does'nt understand what should be contain in the topic. It must be specific and not too general.

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