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Monday, December 10, 2012

3rd class of Bel311 Pair intro 3 introducing Atikah

It was the 3rd class of bell on 10/12/2012 held on Dewan Sri Peria. When im arrived there, Miss Zur has already in the class, she did'nt begin the class yet because of many student did'nt arrived just yet. haha i'm also in the group of late to the class. Then, after all of the students have arrived, Miss Zur Start the class.. The class begin with the task of pair introduction. Student form a pair then must introduce their pair including 4 facts about them. one of the facts is a wrong one, :D and the 'class must guess what facts is the wrong one.  Me and ika is one of the pair that introduce each other. :P
I trying to guess but always failed to guess the wrong one and got it all wrong hehe no luck at all. I guess it was not wrong to try even if we got failed but atleast we try to find out. :D It feels good to know about person that new to us. It was like a new door opens for us and shows the way to us. it was the beginning of a bond of friendship.

What i was saying is, Feel free to make a lot of friends  because they will make you higher and don't make enemy, try to avoid if you can because enemy was the one who makes you lower.

4 Facts about Ika are...

First : Eventho she's kind of small but her appetite is big, bigger than elephan :P lol. That because she super duper love to eat a lot of food and always hungry like she have an empty stomach after do something.

Second : She is very quiet person as she doe'nt talk at all to the person that she does'nt know but to the person that close to her like her best friend, she can be very-very talkative.

Third : She love to watch pingu the plasticine haha, that because pingu and ika have a very same characteristic and like a chemistry together. The same about them was both have a short height and both have nyot2 sound when walk :D

Fourth : She does'nt like cat because the cat makes her sneezy. She is allergic to cat.

Okay you guys lets have a game..
Try to guess what is the wrong facts from these four facts :D

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