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Sunday, January 6, 2013

12th Class of bel311 Blog Editting.

It was a very hot day and we were sweating from the heat of the sun. The class was held at DSP and the date of today was 07/01/2013, Monday. All student was been told to brings our own laptop to do our blog on the class today.


Unfortunately, the student wifi have a problem and we can't access it. we all cannot do our blogger at the DSP as we can't connect to the internet. Miss Zur dissapointed with today unlucky and ask us can you connect the wifi at the library? then we say to her actually we can connect to student wifi anywhere inside this campus but today we can't connect, maybe there were a service on the student wifi. After that, miss suggest us to bring all our stuff to the library, we can use the library computer as it was connected to ptdi internet connection directly. Then, Miss gave the attendance paper to us and who have sign the attendance paper can go to the library immediately. After arrived at the library, it was a tiring journey as the sun scorching make us very thirsty at the moment and we bought soda from the soda machine at the library to relief our thirst. Inside the library we do our blogger and comments each other blog.

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