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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

bel311 11th class Skimming and Scanning

Assalamualaikum. Today my class was held at CLL2. Before we start the lessons, Miss Zur ask us to do online quiz until 4.30 p.m. After we finished it, she starts our lesson with finding the main idea.Today we learn and recall back what have we learn in bel 206,skimming and scanning. Then, Miss Zu teaches us about finding the main idea but it not stated in the paragraph. Before that, Miss Zu asks us to do quiz in i-learn and after that Miss Zu make the quiz of this topic.

Scannning Technique

  • this is a selective reading skill to locate facts and answer specific question
  • to save time you do not need to read every word on the pages
  • You can scan a timetable, pages of dictionary, charts, table etc

Skimming Technique

  • reading this is a reading skill employed to obtain the general idea of a text, to find out the writers point of view and to see how the content in a passage are arranged
  • when a text or a passage is too long and we have limited time, we use this technique
  • when skimming, look for key words and phrases, the heading or subheading for the general idea of the passage.

 We ended our class at 6.00pm. Miss Zu also remind us that she will check our blogs next week.

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