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Monday, January 14, 2013

15th bel311 class. Debate

Monday, 14.1.2013...

class is being more and more happening as today class students going to have a debate. we divide into 4 groups and each pair of group is given a title for us to debate against each other later. Both groups have same number or debater and there will be one person who win a debater award and one group win the debater point. Actually this was my first time going for a debate and it a new experience for me. Always keep in your mind that debate is not what you think you choose, it is what you must stand and fight for even if we did'nt agree with the topic if we become the gov we must agree and give all the point that we agree about it.

My group got the title " Is it considered cheating when your partner (gf/bf/husband/wife) was checking on other beautiful (girls/boys/men/women) on facebook (poke or like)?"

The point i got from this was like or poke is not considered cheating, if you see a funny picture about someone, you want to like the picture as you are like about that funny picture, is it considered cheating? of course no!! it for fun not for anything else others, what do you think fb was created for?? is it for cheating?? or course no!!!! IT WAS CREATED FOR EDUCATION PURPOSE AT FIRST FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND IT BEEN GAINING POPULARITY TILL THEN IT PURPOSE CAN ALSO FOR CONNECTING PEOPLE THOUGHOUT THE WORLD,BUSINESS AND OTHERS.

Also, some of people used fb for business purpose, checking group, checking some other things that not related to love. Even if a guy like a beautiful girl picture, of course people also have a rights to like things it was not cheating because he only like and poke her, as long as he does'nt chat or comment her it was not called cheating.

That was out of questions, every people need a friends to live. As we are not always with our (gf/bf/husband/wife) when we at work we need friends or co workers to live on. We seek others when we need something, our world have more than a thousand bilions people and if we cannot connecting with them, what the used?

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