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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20th bel311 class. Thesis Statement.

Tuesday, 29.1.2013.... Thesis Statement
Class started 4pm at U214. Miss Zur was already inside the class and i’m late about 5 minutes. The projecter was already ready for us to present out thesis statement. In the thesis statement  there must be a parrallel word. If we say the subject in past all must in past and if we put ing... all must put ing.
Don’t do a grammar mistake’s by putting “their” instead of they. Their is a possessive pronouns for an example this was their books or this book was theirs.
When we have something to show Miss Zur as we have a task to presenting in the class, before shows anything to her, we must point out and show to others for misspelled words or grammar mistakes. Sometimes we don’t  see what that we do wrong as someone else can see what our mistakes is. Then correct all of the mistakes with peer editing or our mark will be the victims of deduct.
.....................................what words have the same meanings as bad?.......negative, awful ,not good, shortcomings.

The Thesis Statement that me and Izzat do....
       Thesis statement 0001
The Malaysian Outcome Based Education and School Based Assesment are different in terms of outcome, learning process and the grading approach but are similar in terms of learning goal.
:D of corse it is not the perfect thesis statement but that will do.. :P

something that we must find for our term paper. :D it was the differences between obe and sba :P

Our point are outcomes, learning process, grading approach and the similarity in learning goal.

these were our point that we find for our thesis statement.

00000000001        Differences : no 1.. outcome…

1)Result oriented thinking.

•It is what the student should be able to do at the end of the course


2)Input based education.

•It is to emphasis on the educational process and happy to accept whatever the result
00000000002       Differences : no 2.. Learning process…
1)Result oriented thinking.

•Self directed learning, promotes a student centered approach to learning by themselves. students demonstrate that they "know and are able to do.


2)Input based education.

•Teacher involving the students in self-assessment both teacher and students reviewing and reflecting on assessment data which leads to students recognizing the next steps in their learning and how to take them.
0000000003      Differences : no 3 Grading approach…

1)Result oriented thinking. (OBE)

•teachers can use any objective grading system they choose, including letter grades. Instead of letter grades, obe use awarded "levels".

2)Input based education. (SBA)

•students are given grades and rankings compared to each other

Differences between formative and assumptive assessment
Formative (SBA)
Now think that you will be forming an assessment as your students work on a goal or process that needs to be learned. This will show if the students are learning what the instructor wanted them to learn. As they have time to practice and perfect the material, the instructor will be able to to clear up problems, evaluate what needs to be re-taught or clarified, and to know if certain learning activities need to be modified during or before the next class session. These are the practice and learning time. It is good to have the students in on the assessment also. LIke a rubric or such, to see how they are doing or should be doing. This is where they are involved.

Summative Assessment:obe
This would be the "final" or "test"ing device or tool that you would use to assess what they have learned and how they put into practice.
It could be a final exam, a detailed diagram to identify and explain, it could be their own project to show how the learning has been put into place and has be synthesized. This assessment will show you if the students have met the goals of the class. Much like your professor wants you to
SHOW him that you know what both are and that you are able to plan out a French lesson with learning activities. (Formative assessment)
Maybe some of the kids don't get something in the lesson (maybe irregular verbs), then you can see that on their papers, or listening to them talk to each other, of checking a quiz. Then you can alter that and change the next day's lesson to go over something that the students did not understand.
THEN-->the summative assessment is their final exam, written or oral, a project, or a poster, or whatever you have them ultimately tested on so that the instructor can see if they have mastered that concepts of the French class.

The 3 similarity but we only put in our thesis statement learning for the same goals.

•Similarity : 1) learning for same goals.
know and recognize the standards they are aiming for.
                      2) provides a platform for student.
determines whether students have achieved the stated standard. Assessments may take any form, so long as the assessments actually measure whether the student knows the required information or can perform the required task.
                      3) continuous process
continuous process of reflection, observation and monitoring, recording and reporting, with feedback and self and peer assessment being integral components of all teacher-student interaction.

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