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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

19th bel311 class. The introductory paragraph of our term paper.

Tuesday, 22.1.2013...

Class was held at u214, im totally out of my mind about this class as all the introductory paragraph work are in my pendrive and the pendrive was at my classmate, i don't know what to do but i have a bit idea what in that pendrive. In short time i make one introductory paragraph but sadly it not enough and i got it wrong. Thesis statement is still weak and stand is still a mess. I don't know what to say to Miss Zur as i am speechless at that time. My head was mess today because today i got 4 quizzes and need to make revision about all of that. QMT have 2 quiz that evening 10 - 2, Ctu Islamic Economic was on that morning 8am-10 am and another quiz of macroeconomic starts  8pm - 10 pm. Bel class today was on 4pm-6pm and this head feel so tired a bit dizzy because of the late sleep studying overnight.

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