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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 14th bel311 class. Commenting all the bloggers.

Assalamualaikum all fellow readers, This was great day for me to write a post on my blog as a title of this post commenting all the bloggers :D Today class was held at cll2 on 9/1/2013,wednesday. Today class was relax because we all can don't do anything only sit infront of the computer on that labs to commenting our friends blogger. Some of us even use that opportunity to open their facebook and chat with their friends. lol, Miss Zur notice us but she did'nt mad and doen'nt care what we open. :D

She gave us 30 minutes to edit our blog so that we put all the Topic of term paper and all its material inside our blog. After we put all that stuff inside of our blog, then we start commenting all our friends bloggers. Athirah have post all of our blog link inside the class group for us to open and commenting.

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